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Concrete planters to add a soft touch to any landscape

January 26, 2023

Did you know that plants in urban design and development are not just beautiful to look at but also

have a big impact for a cooler urban air temperature and lower energy consumption?

AtRadial Trade we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.When it comes to our concrete

planters-manufacture, we are always guided by the idea of celebrating basic shapes and forms and

ensuring that every planter will compliment rather than compete with the surrounding landscape.

Our concrete planters are durable, lightweight and on-trend. Resistant to moisture, stains, heat and

UV rays, the Radial Trade planters are ideal for use in outdoor and indoor spaces.

Plants add a soft touch to any landscape, but let’s see some great ideas of where our planters can be


TipNr. 1

Gardening with concrete planters

When you don’t have earth to plant your flowers in you can always use planters to container the

foliage.It’s the perfect solution to manage your landscaping needs. Our range of planters offer an

enormous amount of visual interest as their natural look of concrete works with styles across the

board, from coastal or classic to minimalist and industrial.

TipNr. 2

Define the space in a parking lot using planters

Using planters to define space in a parking area can yield an attractive result. Plants do a good job of

providing enough green to soften the landscape and make the space more appealing to the eye.

TipNr. 3

Fill empty spaces in public buildings with planters

In public buildings, there are often small areas that don’t have any purpose. These little spaces are

everywhere.Whether it’s in a small reception area, or a hospital waiting room, a simple plant

grouping can fill the space with a sunny mood. However, designing these spaces with a concrete

planter tells the public that the space is valuable and contributes to the building’s friendly


TipNr. 4

A natural approach to create a walkway

Beit a hotel, or a restaurant, a walkway is what guides the visitor in and welcomes them to the

building.More than that, planters put very close to the traffic have a greater chance of soaking up

the pollution – a perfect idea for urban terraces and restaurants.

TipNr. 5

Add some ambiance to a pool area

With a clever planning and a good plant selection, any swimming pool can be easily transformed into

a paradise. Some of the most popular picks include bush violets, calibrachoa, verbena, pent as, or

 petunias.Although using beautiful sun-loving plants has always been the secret to designing perfect

poolareas, concrete planters provide excellent additions not only for aesthetics but for function as


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